Details, Details

In 336 BC, Alexander the Great began building the Roman Empire and laid the foundation for the eventual imposition of Greek culture into western Asia and up to Mesopotamia. Alexander himself had been tutored by the great Greek philosopher and teacher Aristotle, and valued Greek art, language, and culture; he did everything in his power to bring all conquered people in line with the Greeks, as did the future Roman emperors and generals after him. Of course, none of this set well with the monotheistic Jewish community. Continue reading

In the Distance

Not that long ago, I read A Clearing Season by Sarah Parsons who encourages readers to “clear a space” for new growth in their lives. In making room for that new growth, there are old habits that must be tossed out. It’s essentially a book about the process of making change and, in doing so, recognizing our innate resistance to change – even when it’s for the better. Let’s face it: humans like the comfort of habit, even when those habits may be negative. (If you don’t agree with that statement, stop and contemplate your feelings on starting a diet tomorrow.) Continue reading

The Best Ever

IMG_0446I once asked my grown children what their favorite childhood memory was. Without hesitation, they both said, “the summer we went to the pool every day.” And it was a good memory! We would sleep late every day, having stayed up late every night watching television (mostly scary shows…Son’s favorite), playing games, or making crafts.

When we got up the next day, we would take our time with breakfast – toast, fruit, or cereal, something easy – and then gather our “fimmies” (Son’s attempt at saying “swimmies”) and drive the mile or less up the road to the swimming pool.  It was decadent! Hanging out in the sun for hours watching both kids play in the water, Daughter asking me to count out loud as she would see just how many summersaults she could do under water. It was the best summer EVER!

Looking back now, I realize that this best summer ever was only made possible because of the worst experience ever. The reason why I was home and unconscious of time and it’s limits during that summer was because I had spent the previous 18 months contemplating limits. On life. Continue reading